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Strongest Muse(s): Humanstuck Makaras, young GHB, Fem!Gamzee, Greaser Gamzee, and Subjuglator Gamzee

Weakest Muse(s): Canon Makaras, Trickster Makaras, Bloodswap Makaras, and Grand HighBoob

Current RP Journal: N/A

You can choose from any of the Makara's listed on the right, even if they don't have a bio yet!

And icon shall change to highest muse, whatever it may be at the moment!

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Admin Notes:

:bulletpurple: Hey there! You can call me Leslie!

:bulletblack: I'll RP lots of situations and scenarios, though I may be a bit hesitant at first. I have my limits just like everyone else does. Anything such as gore or smut would preferably go in notes please! Though I'm terrible at gore so yeah XD

:bulletpurple: I'm not the best with crossovers so I prefer to not do them so much since there's a good chance I'd have no idea how to interact with the other character. But I'll try to be as openminded as possible!

:bulletblack: I try to get through messages as best I can, but it might take me a while since I like both matching the length of a response and making sure it's a good one. So sometimes I won't reply for a few days or even a week, but it's usually because I can't think or am currently thinking of a response.

:bulletpurple: I don't role-play with main accounts, sorry! Same goes for self RP accounts! And I'm really iffy with OC's as well. If your OC is well developed, makes sense, and is not a Mary/Gary-Sue, then sure! We can role-play.

:bulletblack: The pairings I like with Gamzee are: Makaracest, GamKar, GamTav, GamSol, EriGam and GamKan~! The pairings I like with Kurloz are: Makaracest, KurlozxMeulin, KurKan, KurMit and KurCro~! The pairings I like with GHB are: GHBxSufferer, GHBxKarkat, GHBxGamzee, GHBxKurloz, and GHBxDarkleer~! But I'm pretty openminded and will ship them with pretty much anyone; but there has to be chemistry of course!

:bulletpurple: I am completely find with yaoi, yuri, & hetro pairings!

:bulletblack: I tend to roleplay in lit format mainly. Though I could do it in script format too. It's just that I believe that lit develops the RP and characters more. And I prefer more than one-liners if I supply something like a paragraph, since I personally try to match reply lengths.

:bulletpurple: Things might be a bit slow right now since I'm filling out profiles and whatnot! Though who knows if they'll ever be completed since I keep adding more! But feel free to drop an RP anytime & just make sure to specify which Makara!

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The Grand Highblood, Kurloz, and Gamzee Makara

Versons of Gamzee:

Canon Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Grub Gamzee

Kid Gamzee

Humanstuck Gamzee

Bloodswap Gamzee

Bard of Rage Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Stoned Gamzee

Genderbent Gamzee

Trickster Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Pimp Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Pastel Goth Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Goth Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Greaser Gamzee

Militarystuck Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Potterstuck Gamzee

Benderstuck Gamzee

Pocket Troll Gamzee [Coming soon~!]

Recovering Gamzee

Grief Gamzee

Subjugglator Gamzee

Marshall Zee [Coming soon~!]

Versions of Kurloz:

Canon Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Grub Kurloz

Kid Kurloz

Humanstuck Kurloz

Bloodswap Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Prince of Rage Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Beforus Kurloz

Genderbent Kurloz

Trickster Kurloz [Coming soon~!]

Witch Doctor Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Pastel Goth Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Pirate Kurloz

Mad Hatter Kurloz

Militarystuck Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Potterstuck Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Sorcerer Kurloz [Coming soon!]

King Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Holy Killer Kurloz

Scissor Hand Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Troll on Earth Kurloz

Ringmaster Kurloz [Coming soon!]

Versions of the Grand Highblood:

Canon Grand Highblood [Coming soon]

Grub Grand Highblood

Kid Grand Highblood [Coming soon]

Humanstuck Grand Highblood

Young Grand Highblood

Grand HighBoob [Coming soon]

Potterstuck Grand Highblood [Coming soon]

Underground Follower Grand Highblood
sorry I haven't been on much guys, but my muse for this account is getting much better! I've also made quite a few accounts that I'll link to soon uvu

but on another note, I'm curious. Anyone going to New York Comic Con this year? ovo ]

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aRe We AlL uP iN sOmE MoThErFuCkIn TiMe JaM?
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Maids-Are-Not-Men Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Aradio, being the lost soul he now was, had nothing really to do. All his interests had vanished and he really didn't know where some of his other friends were. One of the few locations he knew was his old kismesis' place. He decided to drop by for a visit, be that as it may would be quite a boring one, since our Aries friend here didn't have much emotion to him. So there he was, waiting outside of the greaser's hive without any say of him being there. If you ask me, I'd be a little freaked out if I saw a ghost just waiting outside a door without a mention of his presence, no noise, not even a knock or a shout.
Everything-Is-Quiet Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
(^・o・^)ノ < PURLOOOOOZ! :iconsupertackleplz:
ヽ (=^・ω・^= )ノ < OMG IT'S B33N FOREVFUR!
ヽ (=^・ω・^= )ノ < HOW ARE MEW??
just-BE-QuIeT Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
(( //throws gamzee to your Sorren ))

Yet another day has started, while most teenagers his age were already half way through their dreary school day, Gamzee had only just woken up thirty minutes ago. He had slipped into a purple t-shirt and dark blue jeans then quickly applied his make-up, making a skull over his face, covering  up his scars. He pulled his cross necklace out from under his shirt as he grabbed his house keys as he set out to find something interesting to do.
He walked around aimlessly, letting a cigarette rest between his painted lips. He hadn't light it yet since, well, he didn't really want to smoke it at the moment. Gosh, he's so weird. But I suppose that's good, considering he was too young to be smoking anyway. He ran a hand through his messy brown hair, starting to feel very bored. 'Is there nothing to do here?' he thought to himself, letting out a sigh from his nose, not letting his cigarette leave his lips.

(( hnnnn- yeah, no, whoops, gomen, it's not that great ))
just-BE-QuIeT Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
(( I want to rp with you using this Gamzee but I have no idea who to choose ))
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The-ScaredyCat Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

(( This account, just so lovely~ <3

I want to ask to rp but... there just so many muses to choose from... ))

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EVERYTHING--SUCKS Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Karkat sat upside down on his couch, letting Princess lay across his chest as he watched a new romcom he had just rented. It was so stupid, this was a complete waste of time. It would've been better if he just rewatched a BollyWood movie. He sighed and reached out for his cell phone. He hadn't heard from his closest friends in a while, well, besides Aradia, he wondered if they finally got fed up with him. He shook his head before scrolling through his contacts and seeing who he could possibly hang out with. He started from the bottom, like all normal people do (Karkat, why are you doing this), and happened to notice Sorren's contact information. He had forgotten he had added him... before the break up and quickly went to delete it. He kind of regretted that, but all well. He sat up, letting Princess jump off and scamper away, and saw Gamzee's number. The one he just met. He pressed his lips into a flat line before choosing it so he could text him, because he's awkward with phone calls.


Karkat, did you ever think that your quirk might be too much? No? Well then.
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STRONG-BlueVeins Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Equius approached the other in a nice tuxedo. He probably looked very uncomfortable. One reason was that he couldn't seem to move very much in this 'monkey suit'. Another was probably because he was sweating, blue in the face, and just plain shaking. In his hands were a bundle of multicolored flowers. He gulped before opening his mouth to speak. "L-lowbloods are red, highbloods are blue. . . but regardless of blood colors, I feel STRONGLY about you."
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